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Mental illness knows no age, race, or gender barriers. Currently, one in four adults is affected by mental illness. Now is your chance to stand up and become an advocate, it is up to us. 

You have the ability to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. Even the smallest shift in behavior makes a difference.

Collectively, we can stand united to change perceptions. It takes just one person to make a difference, and the difference could begin with you. 

Studies show opportunities are not as plentiful for those facing mental health challenges due to the stigma associated with mental illness. We have the ability to ensure equal opportunities are available and accessible for all. There are easy ways to do your part and contribute to the cause:
  • Treat those with mental illness with respect and dignity,
    just as you would anyone elsephoto11.jpg.
  • When someone misstates the facts, respectfully speak out and correct them.
  • Be mindful of your language. Never refer to someone with a mental illness as “crazy” or “loony.”
  • Don't allow mental illness to define a person; say, "someone experiencing schizophrenia," rather than, "a schizophrenic."
  • Raise awareness about discriminatory or stigmatizing language in the media by sending a letter or email.
  • Get involved, speak up, and help inspire others to follow suit.

To be part of the StanUp for Wellness campaign contact:

Prevention Services Office

Mental Health Services Act (MHSA)
Prevention & Early Intervention Services (PEI)
Community Capacity-Building Initiative (CCBI)