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The Promotores are local to the communities they serve, speaking the same language and being involved with the community. They are committed to providing “service from the heart.” The Promotores aim to increase the capacity of community members and health outreach workers who serve as liaisons between their community and social service organizations.

There are resources in your community. The following are centers around Stanislaus County that provide valuable resources in each of their communities.

Ceres Partnership for Healthy Children

Nora Martinez 

Family Resource Center

Alma Alcazar

Newman Family Resource Center

Janet Rodriguez

North Modesto/Salida
Family Resource Center

Gladys Perez

Oakdale Family Support Network

Rossy Gomar

Patterson Family Resource Center

Albertina Reynoso

Riverbank CASA del Rio Family Resource Center 

Lydia Jimenez

Turlock Family Resource Center

Martha Gutierrez

West Modesto King Kennedy Neighborhood Collaborative

Brenda Crump

Coordinación y Apoyo BHRS (Modesto)

Vanessa Lopez

Peer Recovery Art Project

The Peer Recovery Art Project’s mission is to end stigma and revitalize downtown areas while implementing new strategies for an all-inclusive and therefore, healthier community. They believe every community member is responsible for helping make the community healthy.

Also, check out the Healthier Community Arts Initiative!

Friends are Good Medicine Community Support


Support groups bring those facing similar issues together. Whether the issues include illness, relationship problems or major life changes, members of support groups often share experiences and advice. A support group can help you feel less isolated as you make connections with others facing similar challenges.

A support group is a gathering of people who share a common concern or interest. The group usually focuses on a specific situation or condition such as mental health, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or addiction, just to name some examples. Support groups are not the same as group therapy sessions, as group therapy is a formal type of mental health treatment.

There are many support groups available in your community! Visit the Friends are Good Medicine Website to find a support group near you!